Jul 28, 2009

Waffle Girl: Progress 2

Yay! More progress on Waffle Girl today, I'm happy. Also finding myself craving a whopping Belgian waffle complete with toppings for some reason... ;)

There may be too much syrup for now, but I'll see how the rest fits. She'll most likely get cleaned up a bit. More to come!

Jul 23, 2009

New Food Girl - Progress

I've finally resumed work on the latest Food Girl since starting it a year ago. She will be accompanied by fruits and other yummies! :D

Jul 17, 2009

I'm at the Beguiling

Happy Friday! A few copies of my short graphic novel "After June" is available at The Beguiling, a delectable comic book shop in downtown Toronto. Each copy is available for $7 Cdn. There's a section near the entrance dedicated to indie zines and that's where you'll find me!

"After June" tells the beginnings of an impossible crush I had two summers ago. It was exhilarating, obsessive, frustrating and hilarious. When I think back on it, I STILL can't believe some of the things that happened! Oh the woes of infatuation...

Here's a snippet of "After June": www.wendyding.com/storyboards.html

Here's the official Beguiling site: www.beguiling.com. It's located at 601 Markham Street in Toronto, Canada.

Hopefully you'll laugh along at my woes of infatuation with me!


Jul 13, 2009

Good Times at The Good Show

Hot Dog & Ice Cream Girls - Square foot canvas prints
(Still available)

Chips & Sushi Girls - Square foot canvas prints
(Still available)

Pat setting up his Tree paintings

Hyein's quirky art and prints

The sales table with my Food Girl prints and goodies!

The crowd at the show.

These are pics from The Good Show, a fun art show by my collective Not An Octagon. We displayed our art goods at Balsam, a lovely restaurant in the Beaches neighourhood of Toronto. The night was full of relaxed and cool-for-mingling atmosphere with tasty treats and music!

Thank you all for coming and making this a wonderful night! More pics here.

Jul 9, 2009

80's Style

Hi! This is my latest tutorial appearing in UK magazine Web Designer. This time around, neon colours, fun doodles and patterns adorn the template in true 80's retro style. What fun! As a child of the 80s, it's definitely one of my favourite eras, if not the best. Totally rad!!

Jul 1, 2009

Bikini wants your vote!

Summer is here! I kicked it off with a design for Roxy's bikini design contest. It ends on July 31, 09 and your vote is needed to turn it into a real bikini! :) Please click on the image to see a closeup.

Hop over here to vote: http://www.roxy.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=3569591&pg=3&ref=d80aa475-bb9f-4357-bf76-298792cfad88

Thanks and I'll see you on the beach ;)