Apr 30, 2009

Eat it Up! Cookbook

Guess what arrived today?? It was "Eat it Up!", a children's cookbook by Owl!

I was one of the illustrators who did step-by-step illustrations for recipes like Freaky Fries, Crunchy Fish Sticks, and Melty Munchies. Check out one of my spreads and the cover above. I just might make some of these yummies myself!

See the book here: https://owlkids.com/store/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=200

Apr 29, 2009

Weekly Project: Consequence

Behold my first illoz for Weekly Project! I missed the actual deadline so created this for the consequence deadline. The brief was "take a picture of yourself smiling really hard with a sign that screams "I'm Happy!"

I would be a lot happier if I had actually gone to the dentist...(the image reminded me that I need to go soon!)

Apr 24, 2009

Emotions Girl: Progress

Here's a look at my new series "Emotion Girls" (title yet to be decided but that's a temp one for now). It's still in progress but I have a good feeling about it! Gonna work on the surrounding typographic element next and will post more progress as it develops.

Apr 22, 2009

Web Design Tutorials Online

Two of my tutorials for Web Designer magazine are online! Click to see my step by step guides on creating the following:

1 Ecommerce Sites with Genuine Style
2 Web Templates from Photo Backgrounds

Apr 21, 2009

New Artwork in Progress

I'm working on a new illustration, finally! Feels so good to do a personal piece since I haven't done one in ages, and especially because I return to my first love: fashion! Well, fashion + emotions. I'm thinking it will be a series.

Here is a peek at the rough sketch! More to come!

Apr 19, 2009

Thanks Web Designer Magazine!

The lovely folks at Web Designer magazine in UK posted my Toro Magazine interview on their website! They also said some very sweet and encouraging comments. (They are too kind!) I dunno if I've quite reached the stardom they commented just yet...one day, one day!

Thanks a million!! :)

Take a lookie here: http://www.webdesignermag.co.uk/news/wendy-ding-on-toro-magazine/

Apr 14, 2009

Interview with Toro magazine!

My interview with Toro magazine on my Food Girls is up! And here I thought I was having a dull Tuesday...

Check it out: http://toromagazine.com/?q=node/1565

Owl: People Power

This is an old web layout I designed for Owl magazine during my internship. It was for their World Watch section, which has seasonal coverage on a particular world issue. Mine was called People Power and it illustrates how a certain machine made the lives of women and girls easier in Africa!

Check out the website here: http://www.owlkids.com/owl/CIDA/people_power/index.html

Green Porno

I was delighted by this web series starring Isabella Rossellini on animal birds and bees goodness. Take a look! http://www.sundancechannel.com/greenporno/

Apr 13, 2009

Female Persuasion

Woot! I was featured on femalepersuasion.net today! They handpicked a lil sketch of lovely Hyein to showcase.


Vintage Fashion Illustrations!

Howdy! These are some old-school illustrations from my teenage-hood. I still got a soft spot for ultra-girly vintage fashions!

Apr 8, 2009

Sketchy / Doodly Website

Hola world! This is the latest tutorial created for Web Designer magazine (from UK) on designing a sketchy / doodly template. I pulled out my box of trusty pencil crayons (childhood faves) and pens and went to town. Fluttering shapes, fun colours and striped lines where the way to go! Oh how I miss the days of doodling and sketching away with no worry of the rest of the world...

Apr 2, 2009

Graphic Novel Snippets

These are snippets of the graphic novel I illustrated for Rubicon Publishing. The story is about friendship and peer pressure between three best friends. The main character has to decide if she wants to switch to a gifted school and give up her current best friends, while one of the girls can't seem to stay out of trouble. Oh drama! Even teen girls aren't exempt, are they?

I can relate to this story as I've experienced similar situations as a school girl, plus going back down memory lane always feels special. I brought my own experiences and memories into the illustrations as much as I could muster.

It will be available as an educational tool for teachers and educators in August 2009.