Dec 12, 2007

The Innovative Boy

A classic Chinese fable which I remember from my childhood. My illustrative adventure with collage / digital collage was a fun one!

Dec 6, 2007

Buttons for Sale

My first round of buttons with the very gracious help from Heing. They will be sold ($2 each or $5 for 3) - along with other goodies from me - in the hallways of Sheridan next semester. Stay tuned for the exact dates. Come get 'em!

Dec 3, 2007

Vinyl Cover Remix

This is my vinyl cover remix project for the Labyrinth Bookstore. Charlene is now a fashionable teacher with sass!

Nov 30, 2007

Multiple Me

A series of self-inspired action posing paintings are coming your way! Yay! Here is the sketch of the first one; these will all be traditionally painted. I miss canvases.

Nov 9, 2007

Owl Magazine

My first publication with Owlkids Magazine. I created little food illustrations for Chirp magazine on this editorial about after-school snacks. Yum!

Nov 8, 2007

The Thought of You

A Tshirt design for our Illustration Tshirt Contest.

Nov 7, 2007

The Crush

A dreamy tale of infatuation. My first real brush with Photoshop painting.

Near Drown Day

This happened to me this past summer. What a fateful day that was...but I won't get into the details. I am just happy I lived to tell about it and was saved in time.

Jul 29, 2007

Cyclic Essence

Two of my favorite elements, nature and fashion, are intertwined to express a sensual and ethereal sequence. One element organically flows to another, much like nature's continuous course. The vines pour into floral patterns and continue to grow, evolving into nature-adorned beauties perpetually drifting in a dreamlike state. The end result is a melodic cycle of organic-inspired fashion.

Apr 11, 2007

Calendar Girls

A four season calendar featuring my fashion illustrative girls! All of the clothes are either from my closet or on my wish list.

Mar 1, 2007


This is supposedly two of me dancing / posing together in my simple colourful glory. Yay pencil drawings!

Available as prints. Just ask me.

Feb 8, 2007

Advanced Television and Film Site

I conceptualized and designed this layout for the Advanced Television and Film program at Sheridan. It is representative of the program and their aesthetic.

Feb 6, 2007

Bubble Tea Flipbook

How is bubble tea made? I investigated the process for this fun, flipbook project! It indeed is a yummy journey, spanning across China to Brazil, finally ending up in some lucky gal's belly!

Jan 30, 2007

West Side Story Storyboard

A nine-panel storyboard outlining the events at the dance that ultimately leads to the discovery of Tony and Maria's ill-fated romance. A soft, pastel palette is used to emphasize the nostalgia of the times and the romantic mood. Such a sad sad story...

Urban Sprawl

The changing of time affects our lifestyle and the way we spend our leisure time. The changes are especially evident in children nowadays. Can you spot the differences?

Jan 13, 2007

flickr skirt stats

After collecting data on skirt lengths and their wearers and locations from, this information piece was created to illustrate the statistics. A bar graph, area map with call-outs, and a legend all come together to explain the skirt wearers relationship.

This piece garnered an honourable mention from the 2007 Adobe Design Contest for the digital illustration category.

Jan 9, 2007

Teen Vogue

A magazine susbscription card for Teen Vogue magazine. A double sided illustration where one side is more demure and quiet while the other is more energetic, loud and funky. Appeals to both spectrums of teen fashion.