Jun 29, 2009

R.I.P. King of Pop

I was devastated to hear the death of Michael Jackson last Thursday. He was my childhood idol and a big part of who I am today. The news of his passing prompted me to dig up these old drawings from my fanatic craze days, as well as going on a strict diet of MJ music and video marathon. Brings me right back!

R.I.P., Michael. Xoxo.

Jun 18, 2009

Hot Dog Girl on Threadless

My Hot Dog Girl is on Threadless now, wee! Please vote for me to turn it into a real tee. She will have a nice chest to lay on ;)

As of now, there are 6 days left for voting. Click this link to vote: http://www.threadless.com/submission/216322/Hot_Dog_Girl

Mucho gracias!!

Jun 16, 2009

Published in Lucidity!

Many thanks to Tom Wild, a magnifique graphic designer from North Yorkshire, UK! He has graciously included my illustration "Twopose" in his new book, Lucidity. It's a collection of illustrations from artists across the globe on portrayals of dreams and is aimed at design agencies in the UK.

Thank you again, Tom! Here is Mr. Wild's fabulous website: http://www.tomwild.co.uk/

Jun 15, 2009

Lost in the Moment: One

"Lost in the Moment: One" is finished now! I took much too long on it but it was a good exercise to develop this potential new series. More finessing was applied to the girl as well as the backdrop. I initially had a frenzy of swirls and textures going on in the background but decided to rule it out, as the simplicity is what makes it special.

So now, here she is! :)

The Good Show

I will be taking part in The Good Show, a one-night exhibition with a group of artist friends. Come for a night of art, delicious food accompanied with live music. The theme is food and the fabulous Beaches neighbourhood.

Featured Artists:
Liz Pignataro - www.lizpignataro.carbonmade.com
Wendy Ding - www.wendyding.com
Pat Butler - www.patbutlerillustration.com
Eric Overton - www.overton.ca/eric
Hyein Lee - www.hyeinlee.com

And the music of:
Peirson Ross - www.peirsonross.com

FREE for art and music; food and drink extra

Date and Location:
Wednesday, July 8th 2009, 6pm - close
Balsam Bistro: 2343 Queen St. East (at Balsam Ave)

Hope you can make it! :)

Jun 4, 2009

Pretty patterns

Heyo! These are sample pattern designs created while I was a design intern at Pressure. These were proposed patterns for branding Zio Supper Club (an upscale restaurant in Markham). In the end, the first one was chosen! See here: http://ziosupperclub.com/

Emotions Girl: Process 4

Emotions girl (real name pending) process no. 4! She's now looking more polished as I added more detailed rendering. It's great to be painting again :)

For the previous process pic (no. 3), I extended her body but I think ultimately the crop works better at the thigh. Next step is more treatment to the typographic element, background graphics and presto!

I'm aiming to have it finished within next week.

Girlband Web Template

Web Designer magazine issue 158 is on sale now! This time, I channel my music tastes to create this tutorial template for a teen girl band. Electric colours, bright lights and attitude vamp up the page.

On another thought, maybe I should start a girlband...

Jun 3, 2009

Object Illustrations for Owlkids

Heya! Some Christmas and stationary objects illustrated for Owlkids magazine during my internship. It makes me joyous to see bright and colourful items!