Dec 19, 2006

cd covers

Three designs for a trance CD cover. The grey one was the final while the other two were drafts.


The inspiration for this piece comes from simple, graphic blocky colours as her face fades away. The quiet simplicity of her face is offset with the bright, graphic shapes.


A portrait of a friend. Her characteristics and interests are captured in a quiet, subtle, vector-based world.


Life drawing study of female anatomy.

career or fun?

An illustration about how people measure success. The three most popular answers were money, career and leisure time.

my outfit...embodied in acrylic

Painting of personal favourite wardrobe.

Imogen Heap

Illustration of Imogen Heap, an incredibly original and talented musician. Her music is so poetic and ethereal, a breath of fresh air.


Let's start things off by going back to the summer of 2005. On my way back from Muskoka, I enjoyed many a lucious green sights. Coupled with a very organic lamp inspiration and the beautiful music of ATB, I concoted a creation myself. It blends together everything I love about summer, as well as my personal love for negative / positive space. Voila!