Nov 30, 2008

Zio Supper Club

A vector pattern illustration created for high-end restaurant Zio Supper Club in Markham, Ontario. Done as part of my internship at Pressure (an advertising agency). Yay pretty swirls!

Published in Web Designer magazine!

Yay! Web Designer magazine #150 is finally on newsstands in Canada! I was ecstatic to see my work in the magazine. Here are some scans of my spreads as well as me being very happy over my first publication with them!

Nov 23, 2008

Vacation Website Template

This is the second web design template for Web Designer magazine (from UK). This tutorial focuses on designing a layout using large background images for a travel / vacation company. I added extra flair with fun icons. Sandy beach, palm trees and crystal clear water - I'm so there!

See the tutorial here:

Nov 4, 2008

Aniboom 2008 Awards - Help me win!

Hey world!

I entered my animation Cyclic Essence in the 2008 Aniboom Animation Awards and need your help. Here's all you gotta do:

1 - Go to to see the animation in entirety (it's 1 min long)

2 - Rate it: You need to set up an Aniboom account to do this but only takes a few seconds, and makes all the difference!

3 - Add the animation to your "favourites" and email the link to your friends (both can be found under the animation screen) - that's all!

Thanks in advance! I will reward you with rainbows, hugs and freezepops!

Nov 3, 2008

Harlettes Poster - in Kensington Market!!

Weee! My Harlettes posters are up in Kensington Market! :D Thanks to Miss Lee for the photos!