May 11, 2009


Heyo! I was at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) yesterady, Sunday May 10. This is one of the "FREE!" signs I did for the Owlkids table. See the rest here:

What a fun time! I drew silly doodles on a projector for very energetic kids on behalf of Owlkids magazine, met really cool artists / illustrators, and picked up some zines and goodies.

Sorry for the lack of pictures as I didn't have my camera! There were many things I wanted to take pics of, from the many booths to the funny doodles of humanized tomatoes with sunglasses I drew. Oh boy, the kids got demanding! "Add hair! Add sunglasses! Give him a face!!" Hehe it was all good because I just really wanted them to like my drawings and laugh and they did. :) At the end, the drawings were raffled in a draw. I was extra honoured that some kids picked mine and even asked for my autograph. How super cute!

It was also great to see my school friends and catch up, as well as reconnecting with my Owl team. But what surprised me the most was when strangers saw me and remembered me from last year's Fan Expo and told me they loved my work - aww! One girl even asked if I've been on TV, hehe. This definitely makes me want to do cons again this year.

The day ended nicely as I met the very talented Tara McPherson and picked up a copy of Skim by Jillian Tamaki. I've been meaning to get it for some time so I'm so glad I finally did!

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