Aug 28, 2008

I was featured on CTV's online blog!

I was featured on Kris Abel's CTV online blog! He covered myself, Vicki and Tyrel from our table at Fan Expo, which is pretty cool! This is what he wrote about me:

Wendy Ding Pin-Ups

Illustrator Wendy Ding tempted me with a cocktail of pin-up art at her booth where she was showcasing a series of four Pin-Up prints. The Pin-Up of the 1950's has enjoyed a remarkable comeback recently and Wendy has come up with a fantastic take on the genre, replacing the traditional giant champagne glass with types of food including a hot dog, ice cream cone, and my favorite, sushi held between two chopsticks. At her booth she has the glamour girls presented as bookmarks, magnets, and mini cut-outs.

You can see the full posting here:


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oo wendy!! that's awesome!! :)