Feb 6, 2007

Bubble Tea Flipbook

How is bubble tea made? I investigated the process for this fun, flipbook project! It indeed is a yummy journey, spanning across China to Brazil, finally ending up in some lucky gal's belly!


Jack Shepherd said...

Amazing job ding, you spent a long time on this and it paid off. This is also a really great portfolio piece!

mineta said...

hi.. i like your artpieces.. great job!! i wish i could also fly over to far places with my own art thing. Keep up the good work. btw, i happend to google cutest food illustrations and here, i found your blogsite. have you seen i am an illustrator but i never get to finish art school, but i plan to continue on my studies. nwei, tnx for d inspiration.

mineta said...

oopss. sorry on the typo error. bad english. nwei, if you like, you check out my profile in friendster.. i'd love to share my art as well.tnx.